Facial & Therapeutic Treatment 
- Mineral Facial, Balance is beautiful. Being rich in mineral herbs & trace    elements, a perfect hydrating skin care for tired skin. (1hr 15mins)         ..... $75.00                                                                               - Revitalizing Facial, Using elements from the sea, receive a highly effective skin perk up. Perfect for dull, dehydrated complexions.                                       (1hr 30mins)                                        ..... $95.00                                                                          
- Moor Clinical Therapeutic Facial, Along with the deep cleansing & relaxation of Face muscles, experience softer fine lines around your eyes. Your Natural Collagen will receive a boost & its great before or after Cosmetic Surgery, Child Birth. Lymphatic drainage will alleviate fluid retention.                                                               (1hr 30mins)                                         ..... $95 -$110 
Sculpture Brightening Facial: With our special massage techniques & customized products increase circulation & restore an overall skin tone. Your skin will feel alive & Rejuvenated. Excellent for hyper pigmentation (skin discoloration) or acne spots.                                                                (1hr 15mins.)                                   ..... $85             2 Follow-ups                                    ..... $225

DNA Facial:  Great for that tired aging skin which lacks blood supply. Pump up the volume and receive your ideal treatment.              (1hr 15mins)   ..... $80.00 2 Follow-ups   ..... $210.00
Acne Treatment:  Perfect combination to oily skin.
Our natural black Mud Treatment s hydrate, cleanse and regulate the skin from within.                                  2 Follow-ups      ... $210.00

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